NSM Digital Thunder 100 cd jukebox. Does not come with cd's but does come with a wireless remote control. Sounds Great!!


Sharp Rowe CD100C Coin operated jukebox. We just rebuilt the Proplayer and relamped this with LED bulbs in the display. Does not come with cd's or a working bill acceptor though it does take coins. Is currently set to free play but can easily be switched back to coins. Looks and sounds great


Rowe cd100I Commercial coin operated jukebox. Works and looks great. Rebuilt pro player.


Rowe CD100 Jukebox. Fully working. Just replaced the display bulbs with LED's. Sounds great. Does not have a working bill acceptor or cd's. 


Nice NSM Hyperbeam 100 cd coin operated jukebox. This jukebox works and sounds great. Does not come with cd's nor does it have a bill acceptor (see pic of tape over bill acceptor opening). This jukebox is working, I do not normally deal in nor work on NSM brand jukeboxes. This one I picked up as part of a large bulk jukebox buy. sold as is working, price is very fair.


Rowe AMI RI-3 100 45 rpm record jukebox. Smaller size 45 jukebox with all of the selections and power you find in the larger models. I have not come across many of these in the years that I have collected jukeboxes. This box works and sounds great. Comes with about 80 to 90 records


Rowe MMCD1 100 CD Coin Operated Jukebox. Comes with roughly 75 cd's.



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Nice Rowe AMI R-86 coin operated (100) 45 rpm record jukebox. Relamped, new needle, looks and sounds great. Comes with 75 or so 45's. Will need the title strips replaced (very easy to do) as they do not match the selection of records.


Sharp Rowe R-84 100 45 RPM Jukebox. Comes with 45's and a new needle. Looks and sounds great.